Download your #Brexit Guide

Companies in retail and trade turn to ProductIP because the platform provides an efficient workflow and easy access to a comprehensive regulatory database.

#Brexit will change roles in the supply chain for retail and trade and as a result, other entities become responsible for demonstrating product compliance of non-food consumer goods.

Product compliance information needs to be collected and shared efficiently between businesses.

Compliance evidence has to be reviewed. EU DoC's must be drawn up and signed, sometimes distributed with the product or otherwise made available.

New supply chain roles due to Brexit require updating of address information on products, packaging and in manuals. Our label/packaging/manual service ensures that information is in line with both EU and other countries regulations as well as the new supply chain roles. Some opt for using ProductIP as their European Authorised Representative, now that they have to change address information anyway. This is unique opportunity to separate the flow of information regarding product compliance from your commercial distribution network.

We prepared a must-read summary for you as decision-maker in retail and trade involved in non-food consumer goods about the impact that #Brexit will have:

  • On products in the scope of the New Legislative Framework, with CE!
  • What to do with the other products?
  • Construction Products?
  • Products approved by Notified Bodies. For example personal protective equipment?
  • Impact on compliance with REACH? Cosmetics? WEEE? Packaging?

Note that the impact of #Brexit is NOT limited to companies currently importing/exporting from/to the UK.