Finally, a clear and understandable guide on UV-C Lights

As a result of the Covid-19 (Corona) pandemic new and alternative disinfection methods are being discovered. Among these new methods there is UV-C light/radiation.

At ProductIP we see many products with solutions using UV-C, ranging from UV-C phone cleaners to portable light sterilisation, to flying UV-C emitting drones. We have also received many questions on this subject. Questions asked are for example:

  • which legislation applies to UV-C?
  • which standards should be applied?
  • Is UV-C for use in hospitals only?
  • What are the dangers of UV-C,
  • Etc.

You will find the answers to these questions and more in the PRODUCTIP GUIDE FOR SUPPLYING THE EU MARKET WITH UV-C LIGHTS.

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Fake masks. Fake approvals. Rejected respiratory devices. Shortages. Alternative routes to the market. It is time for an understandable overview of what is going on in the world of medical masks and respiratory protective devices.

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These products contain biocides. In terms of product compliance, this means an entirely different ball game. Offering these products to the market without following the correct route could have severe consequences for the company and its management.

Also want to know more about self testers?

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Lockdowns are step-by-step lifted. Governments are increasing the number of tests. At the same time the market for self-tests is growing quickly; consumers want to know if they have it or not. And they want to check this regularly. So, they are looking for tests they can buy, that are easy to use, and that provide a high level of accuracy. But what about compliance?

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